Conclusion of a marriage contract

Conditions for obtaining the benefit

Prospective spouses must meet all the legal conditions of marriage:

  • To have reached the legal age and in the absence of a court authorization.
  • The consent of the future spouses.
  • A confirmation by two honorable witnesses of the exemption of future spouses from all statutory impediments.
  • Fixing a dowry for the wife.

Required documents

  • Birth certificate for both spouses.
  • Prenuptial medical certificate.
  • Photocopy of the national identity card or other official document proving the identity of both spouses.
  • Authorization of the court for those who have not reached the legal age.
  • Written agreement of the guardian by authentic instrument if he does not attend the conclusion of the marriage contract
  • Extract from the death certificate of the husband or wife for widows and widowers, dispatch of the divorce judgment for divorcees
  • Marriage power of attorney, if applicable.
  • Administrative authorization for those internal security forces subject to prior marriage authorization such as active customs and national army agents
  • Certificate from the consulate or embassy certifying the possibility to contract the marriage for foreigners.
  • Presentation of the identity card for each of the two witnesses who must meet the legal requirements.

The steps to follow:

Either spouses or their official proxy must:

  • Submit a request to the registrar
  • Provide required parts
  • Set a date for the conclusion of the marriage contract
  • The parties as well as the witnesses and the registrar must sign the marriage contract

The stakeholders:

Civil registry officers of the municipal district

Place of filing of the file:

Civil Registry of the Municipal District

Time limit for obtaining the service:

Between two days and one week

Legislative and/or regulatory references

  • Articles 15 and 32 to 39 of Law No. 57-3 of 1 August 1957 regulating civil status.
  • Decree of 13 August 1956 promulgating the Code of Personal Status, together the texts, which amended it.
  • Specific statutes relating to the active bodies of internal security forces, customs agents, military forces and diplomatic agents.
27 March 2020
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