Joining the Teledeclaration tax return system

Membership in the tax return system allows you to liquidate and pay:

  • Your monthly tax returns.
  • Your annual returns (monthly returns, deposit of corporate tax returns, return of the advance due by partnerships and assimilated persons, return of personal income tax, return of the installment).

To do this, you must follow these steps:

Step 1: Joining the Teledeclaration System

  • To join this system, the taxpayer is invited to fill out a form called «membership form» and deposit it in the competent tax control structure (Directorate of Large Enterprises or territorially competent tax control office).
  • To this end, the tax control structures referred to above shall attribute to each participating taxpayer, one or two passwords of his choice, allowing him to access the system that he can modify after his first connection via a refresh function made available to him.

Step 2: Electronic Certificate Acquisition

Step 3: Liquidation of declarations

Once the membership formalities completed, the system allows any member taxpayer to access this service to:

  • Liquidate monthly, annual and installment returns.
  • Modify reports already liquidated.
  • Consult the said declarations.
  • Print them.

Step 4: Payment of declarations

Two methods of settlement are possible:

  1. Authorization to debit bank and postal accounts:
  • This mode consists in sending payment orders to the post, in real time or in batch, in order to support their execution.
  • The return of a payment order response (rejection or acceptance) results in an update of the status of the return (return paid or rejected).
  • Rejected reports must be re-liquidated and bear late penalties.
  • The option for this method of settlement requires the deposit with the competent tax control structure of a collection authorization signed by the taxpayer and endorsed by the banking or postal institution.
  1. Payment by credit card via the secure payment system.
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