Payment of fines for road offences

Where can I pay?

The payment of fines for traffic offences can be made out of all financial revenues, regardless of where the offence was committed and where the offender resides.

Amount payable by category of offence

  • 1st category offences: 6 TND.
  • 2nd category offences: 10 TND.
  • 3rd category offences: 20 TND.
  • Serious offences: from 21 to 60 TND.

Consequences of non-payment of fines within prescribed time limits

  • The amount of the fine shall be doubled if it is not paid within 15 days of the date of the infringement.
  • After the period of one month, the driving licence is considered to have its validity suspended and not valid for the driving and this, until the payment of the fine or the regularization of the situation.

Legal references

  • Traffic rules as amended and supplemented in particular by Law No. 2006 – 54 of 28 July 2006 amending and supplementing the traffic rules.

Consultation and payment of fines

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